Regular, Rush, Expedite, Overnight, Daily, Immediate: A Definition of Turnaround Times from the Editors’ Perspective

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One of the most important aspects of a successful reporter-editor relationship is a clear understanding of the expectations of both sides, one of the most important being turnaround time.

Regular Delivery

This is the most typical turnaround time. Both reporter and scopist/proofreader have the maximum number of days to return the transcript in finished form, as dictated by local practices, agency rules, and client requirements.

Rushes or Expedites

Anything due in a shorter time than regular but longer than 24 hours is considered a rush/expedite.  When a transcript becomes expedited for the reporter, time is compressed even more for the editors.  Two-day turnaround for the reporter is really 24 hours or less for the scopist in order to allow for proofreading and finalization.


Daily and immediate are sometimes used interchangeably. “Daily” generally means next morning or within 24 hours.  “Immediate” means same-day delivery, though “daily” is often used to describe this service as well. In order for the scopist and proofreader to turn out a transcript that quickly, the reporter and scopist+proofreader must use the quickest transmission methods possible. While Dropbox Intervals can be used in this way, the ideal method is Connection Magic collaborative editing. The quickest turnaround time is only possible with Connection Magic. Whether using Connection Magic or Dropbox Intervals, however, this method requires the highest degree of proficiency on the part of reporter, scopist, and proofreader – and commands the highest page rate for all concerned.

Connection Magic collaborative editing, allowing for a completed transcript at the end of the day, sounds almost too good to be true, and reporters may dream of utilizing that magic for every transcript, regardless of turnaround time expectations from counsel or agencies. What a wonderful concept, to come home at night and have a fully scoped and proofed transcript ready to be turned in! No rushing around trying to get that transcript done while others are waiting as well!  A service made in heaven!

But not so fast.  When scopists and proofreaders are working in that Connection Magic environment, they are working in immediate copy mode. They are putting aside the rest of their work, the rest of their lives to make the best transcript in the shortest amount of time. If the reporter is receiving regular-turnaround or even rush rates, paying scopists and proofreaders for same-day work simply isn’t cost-effective.

It is for this reason that Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade restricts its business to same-day, immediate-turnaround transcripts. We produce the highest quality transcripts as quickly as possible, allowing reporters to deliver impressively timed transcripts to their clients. Not only does the reporter regain her life (and at least some of her sanity), but the attorneys get their lives back too. No more waiting (and working) until midnight for that day’s final transcript. No more three hours of sleep per night until the trial is over. And, best of all, no more anxious inquiries every hour wondering when that final will finally be ready.

So if you’re ready to get your life back, even when you have a three-week trial with multiple parties, multiple copy orders, multiple realtime feeds, and every other complexity in existence, we can help. To learn more, please contact us via this page, our FB page, or via email at

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