Making Eclipse Work for You: Conditional Punctuation and Conflicts

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One of the most powerful features of Eclipse is the functionality of its conflict resolution.  Punctuation conflicts, well trained, can save the reporter — and scopist — many keystrokes in adding or deleting punctuation.

A common mistake is to define a phrase, such as “Your Honor” or “you know,” with commas {,} surrounding the phrase.  The problem with this is that the commas will appear at every instance: at the beginning of a sentence, with other stroked punctuation, at the end of a sentence.  A better option is the conditional punctuation feature {,?} which adds the comma if there is no other punctuation present (including beginning or end of sentence).

While this is a very good option, the comma(s) will appear every time there is no other punctuation.  To use it alone effectively, separate strokes for the punctuated and unpunctuated form will need to be devised.

But if you combine this with a conflict without the punctuation, the software will learn which fits with the grammatical structure of the sentence.  It won’t be 100%, but it will be quite effective.

\you know\{,?}you know{,?}

\Your Honor\{,?}Your Honor{,?}



If you have a string of punctuation conflicts, such as \you know\{,}you know\you know{,}\{,}you know{,}\{,}you know{.} or the like, those can all be replaced with this simple two-choice conflict entry, making your output more accurate and the selection process in editing, when necessary, more streamlined.

Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade understands the importance of excellent realtime output right from the start. While the use of conflict selection during a normal editing session saves time and effort for everyone involved, the benefits are even greater when they are used in conjunction with Connection Magic Shared Editing.  Each time a PPTB editor selects a conflict during a CMSE session, your Eclipse software is being trained in real time to recognize which selection best fits a given situation.

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