Very satisfied with their services

PPTB worked with me on a month-long daily copy tobacco trial. I couldn’t have done it without them, and I was very satisfied with their services! Thanks so much, PPTB!

Sharon Masse, RMR, CRR, CRC; Bridgeport, Connecticut

Wish I could do daily copy every day and work with this team

Perfect Partners are amazing! I just wish I could do daily copies every day and work with this team. What a pleasure to have all the scoping and proofing done for you at the end of the day. It was thrilling to connect with the team across the country, chat with them via IM, and see them working at different spots in the transcript. How wonderful to have words and names defined remotely by the scopists and to see them correct themselves on the realtime screens. My only disappointment was that both days I booked to work with them went very short. I would have loved to have gone on writing all day knowing the team was polishing everything off for me. Even the attorneys commented the next day how beautiful and expeditious the rough draft was, as they basically got the final product within an hour of adjournment. I used to be nervous about accepting jobs with same-day or next-day turnaround. Now, with the knowledge that PPTB are available, I feel I can take anything on and would absolutely use them every day if I could.

Sophie Brock, RPR, CRR; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

All I can say is wow

I was asked to do a trial – first one in many, many years. No problem. I didn’t think the trial was actually going forward until the week before it started. No problem. I’m there. Counsel said they want a daily. No problem. THEN they want a rough ASAP and the final ASAP – same day. HELP! Luckily, I had met Brenda at an Eclipse meeting several years back, and I was impressed by her knowledge of the Eclipse software and impressed just generally. After that meeting, I heard great things about Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade, but I had never used them. I gave Brenda a call, and my co-reporter and I both hired the Transcript Brigade for the trial. All I can say is wow! This was an extremely technical trial – literally no “civilian” witnesses. We had testimony by video, experts from all over the country, and there were constant arguments and sidebars by counsel. The transcripts all came back promptly, and they were excellent. PPTB did their prep work – asked for all previous transcripts that were available, witness lists, exhibit lists, and actual exhibits if possible. There were thousands of exhibits. The trial was three and a half weeks. This was not an easy case or trial. PPTB is worth every penny. I highly recommend their service. Thank you, ladies!

Pamela Cotten, CSR, RDR, CLR; Los Angeles, California

Seriously impressed

My first CM job with the amazing scopists/proofreaders of the Transcript Brigade. What an amazing job! 385-page video job that was difficult with all the overtalk and fighting. I would highly recommend them. Seriously impressed. Thank you, thank you.

Bridget Mastrobattista, San Diego, California

I was a total skeptic

Let me just say I was a total skeptic.  I have been reporting 16 years and have never, not ever, used a scopist! I am also very stubborn about learning new techniques or ways to do things.  Let me just say I was blown away by the professionalism of this great team of ladies. Not only did they do an amazing job and make me look good, they were super fun to work with and even gave me some useful tips to make my life easier.  If you are hesitant like I was, look no more.  You are in incredibly capable hands here!
Deana Rouse, CSR; Dallas, Texas

They kept in constant contact with me

Every daily transcript trial I’ve ever worked I’ve always had to bring in additional reporters and work half days in order to complete my work and turn in a transcript on time. My last realtime daily trial I worked with this dream team utilizing Connection Magic, and I was able to work all day in the trial, come home, have dinner, finish up a few details on the transcript, send it off to the attorneys and be in bed by 9:00 to 10:00 every evening, making it possible to get up the next morning and do it all over again. We were delivering quality same-day transcripts of 200 to 285 pages day in and day out. The team set up shared files of common words, proper nouns, attorneys appearances, schedules, and even suggestions on briefs. They kept in constant contact with me and were there whenever I had a question or clarification.
I never want to do another trial without them, ever!

Peggy Isom, RSR, NV CCR, Las Vegas, Nevada

Nobody could have done a job like this so well

Nobody could have done a job like this so well, for me especially. To not have to check a single thing and know that it’s a great transcript, such a relief. I earned more $$$ this week than I have in any other week in my entire 37-year career – all thanks to the Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade!

Jenny Griffin, CSR, RMR, CRR, CLR, San Francisco, California

An instant calming effect in a very stressful situation

I was called in to take the last two weeks of a three-week medical malpractice trial…mostly expert witnesses. Attorneys came up to me at the end of each day saying, “I’d like today’s rough draft and the final by closing arguments!” I messaged Brenda and she got the team lined up. The rest of the trial went like clockwork! I looked like a steno diva to those attorneys and NEVER could have done it without these ladies. From the mouth of one seasoned trial attorney, “Vonni, I’ve worked with a lot of reporters in my time and know a good one when I see one! Thank you.” Only because of PPTB did I receive that compliment. They were encouraging, funny, and helpful the whole way through – an instant calming effect in a very stressful situation! Brenda, Deb, and Bev, thank you! I look forward to doing it again!!!

Vonni R. Bray, RPR, CRR; Billings, Montana

The job they did for me was nothing short of perfect

I have and will continue to use PPTB for all realtime/daily jobs. The job they did for me was nothing short of perfect. Read through the transcript after receiving the final back from them and only found style differences, which are totally acceptable. It is the best feeling knowing that when I leave a job and get home, I will have the final in less than an hour. Well worth every penny!!!

Carla Miller, RPR, CRR; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

They make a daily a breeze

What can I say – tons about PPTB – Brenda, Debi and Bev are the best!  I mean, the best!  They make a daily a breeze!  We were on the record seven hours, and the depo was about 300 pages. By the time I packed up and got home, I had finals sitting in Dropbox waiting for me.  The job was done! They’re incredible. They go above and beyond on getting ready for the job. They research and look at previous transcripts, Bates on previous transcripts. They know your settings and get them correct.  I mean, you literally only have to check their spots, if any!  I also worked with PPTB on a daily arbitration for two weeks – we had pages – but they were on it. I highly recommend PPTB. Their final work product is stellar!  Top-notch!!  They literally let you just concentrate on writing and getting it down!

Rebecca L. Romano; San Francisco, California

Very talented and efficient

Loved working with this great group of people. Very talented and efficient. They helped me with a very stressful redistricting trial this year. They are troupers and even worked with me on Saturday! I cannot express my gratitude for all your help. I could not have done it without your help. Thank you.

Leticia Ornelas Rangel, CSR; San Antonio, Texas

The experience of the PPTB team shone brightly

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade on a series of depositions in a patent infringement case where the request was a rub-your-head-pat-your-belly-and-write kinda deal. You know, video, realtime, roughs, daily delivery…….the whole McGillicuddy. The experience of the PPTB team shone brightly in their attention to detail, their solid knowledge of the technology, their extraordinary research talent, and their professionalism. They truly understand what needs to be done to accomplish the goal we all strive for: a high-quality product delivered on time. Their willingness to roll with the punches, adapt to change, and help at a moment’s notice when the weak link in the chain (me) goofed something up or had a senior moment that could have sent the train off the tracks was a source of great comfort. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they are FUN to work with and have a wicked sense of humor that helps brighten the day. I look forward to working with the PPTB in the future when the need arises.

Chuck Motter, RDR, CRR; Kansas City, Missouri

Now covering a daily trial is possible

Thank you so much for the incredible work you did helping me with the daily trial. I used to only be able to cover half days and then rush home and scope file to get to proofer and stay up all night and be exhausted for the next day, but you did what you had to do! Now covering a daily trial is possible to do by yourself and having the Dream Team work in Connection Magic right behind my writing! Only downfall is we were the unofficial record in a recording department, so we didn’t have much control, but the team worked through it all!! You helped with all technical questions, making everything run as smoothly as we could have it and it was the best experience!

Best thing – attorneys for defense were only ordering party for the trial. Because the defense utilized the daily transcripts, they were able to better prepare their expert witness going on the stand the next day; thus, making plaintiffs ask for copies of the transcripts, seeing what a benefit having the daily transcript was as well! They were all amazed by the efficient work and the fast transcript production! To be able to have the team working on the transcript and come home and take a breath after writing all day is such a luxury! Your team is not only efficient and reliable, but you made our court reporting profession stand out! These attorneys had no idea we could provide such an amazing service. Thanks again!!

Michelle Ferreyra; Las Vegas, Nevada

I simply could not have done it alone

I cannot express my gratitude for your help on the same-day delivery of the eight-hour deposition of a pharmacoeconomics expert. I simply could not have done it alone. I was visiting with one of my fellow realtime writers who has been doing it for many, many years, and she was blown away by what you all did. Sucks for her that she is on Case Catalyst.

Gary Schneider, Nashville, Tennessee

You made me look great and drama-free. Love that!

PPTB makes daily copy something I wish I had each day. This team of professionals (Debi, Bev, and Brenda) makes working with Connection Magic a breeze. A relatively short four-day trial was not too small of a job for them. By the time I completed my 15-minute commute home, the final was waiting for me. I received many compliments from the parties involved. Looking forward to working with PPTB again soon. Job well done Debi, Bev, and Brenda! You made me look great and drama-free. Love that!

Karl Shires, RMR, FCRR; Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had a blast working with you all

I had such a blast working with you all – and I learned SO MUCH!!! I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more dailies. Hope I’ll be working with you again soon!!!! Thanks again!

Gina Carbone, CSR, RMR, CRR, CCRR, CLR; San Mateo, California

I pray they are available for my next daily!

The fact that I am so wicked busy and am taking the time to write this is a testament to how strongly I feel about this scoping-proofreading team. Working with them was such a PLEASURE and the quality of their work SUPERB. I pray they are available for my next daily! A million thanks, PPTB.

Diana Huntington, RDR, CRR, CRC; New Haven, Connecticut

Managed to keep the process fun

What an experience! I rarely get requests for daily copy and had never used Connection Magic. PPTB agreed to assist me with my four-day daily copy trial and provided all of the information I needed to set up within Eclipse. When the trial finally ended on Day 7, they were still there for me. Brenda, Debi, Beverly, and Jane were incredible – stayed within minutes of my writing, all the while researching proper names and case citations, advising me about dictionary entries I needed to make, suggesting helpful include files, and paying meticulous attention to style and detail. They were a pleasure to work with and managed to keep the process fun. If I ever get another request for daily copy, they’ll be my first call.

JoAnn Corson Bacheller, RDR, CRR, United States Court Reporter; Missoula, Montana

Wow. They were amazing

I worked with Perfect Partners during a 10-day tobacco trial in December. I had gotten one member’s name as someone who could edit, but had no idea there was a team available. At the end of the first week of daily copy, I figured out there had to be a better way. I asked Julie, who was scoping for me, and she explained about the team concept. Wow. They were amazing. From helping me get set up, to helping trouble shoot, and being encouraging no matter what we encountered, they were a pleasure to work with. And they do excellent work and get it to you very quickly. I’ve been reporting for 29 years, and daily copy used to be 24 hours. In this particular trial, daily copy was as soon as trial was over that day as you could possibly get it. And we got it out within hours. Amazing. I look forward to working with them again anytime I find myself in that situation!

Cindy Packevicz, Jacksonville, Florida

These ladies were always there

I don’t even know where to begin on my praise for this team of professionals. Had an 11-day antitrust case with hourly copy (A.M. session by 2:00. P.M. session 2 hours after ending the day), along with realtime connections. Can you imagine the thought of doing this as the only reporter on the case? Well, with a team like the PPTB having your back the entire way, YES, you can absolutely do this kind of work with one reporter. These ladies were always there for feedback, information, and even IT help when I hit something on my steno machine which caused a bit of chaos. While I am still on the record, I am seeing that they are working on the issue and even on the phone with support to fix the problem. I have nothing but good things to say about the entire team of scopists and proofreaders that work with PPTB. During the entirety of the trial, I was home by 6:00, having dinner with family and friends, and getting great rest every night. I have absolutely no hesitation in jumping in on daily or hourly requests of our trials now, as I know this team of pros has my back! I just wish I could work like this every single day. It really was a wonderful experience.

Sherri Grubbs, CSR, RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR; U.S. District Court – Western District of Oklahoma

They never let me down

I can’t recommend the Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade highly enough! My first experience working with them was on a four-week trial that I shared with another reporter. I came on board a few days into the trial, and I had a bunch of places I had marked in my transcript to look up words, etc. When we took our first break and I went back to look at my marked spots, the girls had already fixed everything since they were more familiar with the case than I was. I was amazed! The first thing I do when I get assigned a daily is contact them to see if they are available. They never let me down and always amaze me with their knowledge of both terminology as well as the technology involved using Connection Magic, etc. They always do their own research and only leave me very minimal notes if they can’t find something on their own. In the past, I have had scopists who just mark everything for me to research later, which is the last thing I want to do after a full day on the record. And it’s great to feel like you have someone working alongside you, even if it’s just to vent when the attorneys are driving you crazy!! The comments they leave me are hilarious and they make getting through the day easier.

Lori Stokes; Walnut Creek, California

Able to have dinner with my family

Great job yesterday, everyone! Thanks to you, I was able to have dinner with my family and go to bed at a decent hour last night in order to take another job today.

Christine Jordan, San Francisco, California

Was able to go on vacation without taking my job with me

These ladies are the REAL DEAL! Got out my job next day, within hours. Job well edited, especially since I contacted them at 9:50 p.m. the night before (Saturday night) and needed it back next day by 4pm (Sunday), due to me falling behind in transcribing a huge job BEFORE a cruise vacation which began Monday morn at 7:00 a.m.! Was able to go on vacation without taking my job with me. They WORKED for me on #theweekend! #lastmintue! #topnotchcommunication! THE BEST! #PPTB! #HeavenSent!

Jodi Matthews; Detroit, Michigan

They saved me so much time

The eight-week product disparagement case is the first daily copy I’ve done in 16 years (not much call even for rush transcripts in my court), and I wouldn’t be doing this without the amazing Perfect Partners. They not only helped me get set up with Connection Magic and Dropbox, but they provided master word lists pulled from all the hearings I’d done prior to trial. The trial is still going as I write this testimonial, but I couldn’t wait to start heaping praises on them because of their constant upbeat encouragement, their flexibility with the schedule, their helpful suggestions. They have saved me so much time researching spellings and case citations! I couldn’t believe it the first time we worked together — on the three-day pretrial conference — over 750 pages of wall-to-wall colloquy finished and delivered six hours after the last sentence and me able to spend the weekend vegging out. Brenda, Debi, Beverly, Kim, and Jane, you are totally awesome!

Mary Anne Meyer, RDR, Official Court Reporter; Vermillion, South Dakota

I can’t praise them enough

I’ve worked with PPTB on two daily trials now, and I can’t praise them enough. They’re on top of it and know what to do. I’m constantly learning from them, whether it be a brief, a software tip, or off-the-wall jargon that went way over my head. After both trials, I’ve had attorneys come up to me and praise the accuracy and quick turnaround. I could not have done it without them. It was also very exciting to not work alone and have a team behind the scenes. They were also there to remind me to breathe during some stressful software/Internet issues, and then we’d banter in Google Hangouts when we got the chance. I look forward to the opportunity to use them again. Thanks, PPTB!

Sarah Goekler, CSR, RMR, CRR, CCRR; U.S. District Court – Oakland, California

I was amazed at the top-notch quality in their work

I did a daily with PPTB and was nervous I should at least proofread after them because I’ve always found so many errors in the past with other scopists. I was amazed at the top-notch quality in their work. To be honest, it was superior to what I would have turned in! I stopped proofing and realized how much time and stress I just saved myself. They are by far the best team to work with! They are worth every cent! Wish I could use them every day!

Bobbie Jo Aitken Harr, CSR, RMR, CRR; Lodi, California

These ladies put out a great transcript

Working with the Transcript Brigade was awesome! Debi, Brenda, and Beverly made every day of my hearing run smoothly. I was amazed that in under two hours after I went off the record, I had the final file in my hands. Talk about freedom! These ladies put out a great transcript, and I can’t wait to use them again!

Lorrie Schnoor, CSR, RDR, CRR; Round Rock, Texas

I want to let y’all know what a superb job they did

I just finished an 8-day daily civil trial and used Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade to scope and proof what I took each day, and I want to let y’all know what a superb job they did. One day they had a finished transcript to me in 15 minutes and another day, 30 minutes. It never took them more than 1-1/2 hours to get it to me. They used Connection Magic in Eclipse and followed along online live scoping and a proofer right behind the scopists as I wrote. We communicated by messaging each other back and forth throughout the day. I was amazed at the ease of doing a daily. The best part is the defense attorney who was paying for it won the lawsuit because of the daily transcript! Since the plaintiff was seeking $5 million in damages, it more than paid off. I can’t say enough about their business. They walk you through everything on how to set it up and what not to do while you’re writing. So if an attorney asks for a daily, look into this!

Tamra Parks, Galveston, Texas

Thank you a million times over

Just finished a week-long nightmare International Trade Commission patent royalty rate arbitration with multiple real-time hook ups, roughs, and same-day expedite. Brenda Rogers-Fiscus, Debi Smolinske, and Molly O’Brien, did a FANTASTIC job of being our life savers! We had very strong accents and fast speakers, with three tribunal members spontaneously interjecting their questions too. I can’t praise The Dream Team enough. Thank you a million times over for saving me from jumping off of the GGB on my way home. XOXOXOXO!!!!

Lorrie Marchant, CSR, RPR, CRR, CCRR, CLR, RMR, San Francisco, California

Might I say you ladies are kickass

I have loved everything that you guys do and how you punctuate. I honestly do not think I have ever gelled this well with scopists or a proofreader. I have to tell you, Brenda and Deb as scopists, you are just beyond beyond. Bev, you are DA BOMB in proofing. Might I say you ladies are (and excuse the foul language) KICKASS.

Kevin Weichman; St. Louis, Missouri

Thorough, accurate, eager to please

I can’t say enough about the Transcript Brigade and the incredible service my reporting team received during a very technical trial using Connection Magic. Our case was high profile, with national implications, and involved experts in epidemiology, gynecologic oncology, and pharmacokinetics. With hundreds of thousands of pages of exhibits, the Transcript Brigade was able to research every technical term and research study author names via their cloud storage, saving us precious time and enabling same-day turnaround of daily transcripts. Thorough, accurate, eager to please, and just a fun group of committed Brigadiers. I wouldn’t do another trial without them. Way to knock it out, Transcript Brigade.

Carolyn Gregor, CSR, CM, RDR, CRR; Newport Beach, California

Their teamwork is seamless

Working in Europe has been quite a challenge for me. Litigation work here always involves extremely complicated subjects and numerous accents. When I was asked to help a reporter friend provide daily for a board meeting of a well-known car manufacturer, I decided to give PPTB a try. It was the best decision ever. When I was having a meltdown because my writer temporarily malfunctioned, they were nothing but calm, cool, and collected. Their teamwork is seamless. I would highly recommend them for any situation in which a fast turnaround is required. They made what would have been an incredibly stressful job a pleasure. These ladies are the best!

Wanda Buckner, RPR, CRR; Currently living and working in Europe

Worth every penny

I was very impressed overall with PPTB. I have had a fair amount of experience in working with scopists for daily copy jobs, but had I not been experienced, they have a good system to help you get all set up for a daily. I felt very taken care of. During the job, they researched names, places, and terminology so fast that I didn’t have to go searching through exhibits on breaks. I could actually relax. After I was done with my job, I was able to go grocery shopping and get home and get some things done while they finished the job. Never have I ever been able to do that on a day I had a daily copy transcript. That was a great feeling. PPTB is truly a one-stop shop for your daily copy needs, and they are worth every penny!

Autumn Smith, CSR; Austin, Texas

A great team of professionals

Thank you for the opportunity to work with a great team of professionals. It was a relief knowing the initial setup of the format was going to be established by your team, and you held my hand through the process, which made it painless. My ability to concentrate on only the writing aspect of the trial was a welcome relief which made me much more effective as a reporter. The team always had everything under control, and for this I am grateful. A big “thank you” to all the team members for helping me accomplish another daily copy. I’m sure we will be working together again soon.

Pamela J. Andasola, CSR, RMR, FCRR; United States District Court – District of Puerto Rico

Peace of mind

There’s nothing better than peace of mind after a long, challenging day. That’s what I get when I use the PPTB.

April Reid, CRR, RPR, CLR, Charlotte, North Carolina

They made me look so good

I was in the middle of the toughest patent trial I’ve ever covered. I’ve reported several, but this was the densest material I think I’ve ever had. I had a team of reporters I had been working with for days 1-6, but then found out that they weren’t available to do the last two days of this daily copy patent trial. I was in panic mode since the attorneys expected what they’d been receiving, a transcript within a couple of hours of the court adjourning for the day. A couple of reporters suggested this team. I am amazed at how quickly they jumped in, told me what to send them so they’d have what they needed, walked me through making it happen when my brain (being too fuzzy from 6 days of this dense material) was having trouble figuring it out, and on top of that were so supportive throughout those two days. And oh, yes, funny! These women made me laugh so many times!

I highly recommend this fabulous team. They made me look so good. I received emails from the lawyers involved thanking me for providing such a great transcript so quickly. Clearly, they have a ton of experience between them and it shows. I will use them again in a heartbeat if I get the opportunity. I recommended them to another reporter recently, and received a text from the reporter thanking me profusely for turning her on to PPTB.

Thank you, Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade. You rock!

Laura Howie-Walters, FCRR, RPR, CSR; United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana

They came to my rescue

Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade saved me BIG TIME! Five days into a 14-day trial, I realized that there was no way I could keep up with what the attorneys were ordering on my own. A mutual friend gave my name and number to PPTB and they came to my rescue. They helped me set everything up the night before and morning before our next day of trial. They walked me through everything. It was so easy, and it was amazing. It was so nice to know that I had a support team for me for the rest of the way. I would recommend them to any court reporter who finds themselves in a bind!!

Robin Rios, RPR; Angleton, Texas

Where has PPTB been all my life?

Wait. I’m on a realtime daily trial and I can go out to lunch?! In fact, don’t reach for the keyboard at all?! Say what? Where has PPTB been all my life? They’re so much more than just scopists and proofreaders; they’re truly your team in the courtroom. Their wisdom, patience, professionalism, and support during my first RT daily six-week trial was invaluable. My experience with PPTB was definitely career-altering. I discovered what’s been missing and I’m excited about reporting again. Can’t wait for the next one!

Kimberly Farkas, RPR, CRR; Las Vegas, Nevada

I will sing their praises all day long

The PPTB team upped my game in a HUGE way when I had a month-long daily copy last November that averaged 302 pages a day, and on one day we did 399, then came back the next day and turned 422 pages. Did I mention that those went out the same night…NOT the next morning. Nope. Daily copy, to me, means you get it that day. Knock on wood, that’s how I have done every single daily copy I’ve ever done was turn it that night, not the next morning. Oh, and by the way, you pay your team very well for the work that they do for you. Do NOT try to get them on the cheap or think they’re charging you too much. They’re the ones making you look good. 🙂

I can’t stop being grateful for PPTB and the FANTASTIC job they did for me, and I will sing their praises all day long.

Breck Record, CSR(TX), TCRR, TMR, RMR, CRR, CRI, CCR(NM); El Paso, Texas

This team is a total game-changer

I LOVE Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade. This team is a total game-changer in my court reporting career. In my courtroom, I’m very often asked for daily turnaround. Although I enjoy the money associated with that request, I used to be very overwhelmed knowing that I would be up all night with scoping and proofreading in order to meet those deadlines. I remember the first time working with the team. I couldn’t believe my ears when they told me to go home and relax at the end of the trial day. I drove home stress-free, cooked for my family, and watched some TV. And just a short time after going off the record, my transcript was ready to be sent out to counsel. What a miracle!!!

Not only does this team make you look like a miracle worker to your clients, but they give you back your family and social life. They are so knowledgeable about the software and how to get everything flowing smoothly that I was able to focus on my writing. They’ve helped me become a better writer, give a superior product to my client, and, more importantly, they’ve helped me love my job again.

Thank you so much, Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade.

Kristy L. Clark RPR, NV CCR, Immediate Past President Nevada Court Reporters Association; Clark County District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada

I will never again be scared when I hear the ‘daily copy’ request

PPTB in one word — AMAZING! I have done daily copies before, which has always meant write all day, then go home and stay up all night to get the transcript turned in first thing the next morning. Of course, then I have to miss two days of work to catch up on lost sleep. When I was told that my five- to seven-day trial was to be a daily copy, I was very nervous and apprehensive. How am I going to do this? The answer was PPTB. I haven’t worked with a scopist in a very long time, and haven’t had very good luck in the past. After we did the test run a couple of days before the trial was to begin, I became less nervous and even excited! I never thought I would have been excited about a daily copy, but it happened! I wrote all day and, within a few hours, the files were ready for me to do a quick look-through…and it was quick. I was amazed at how few things that were marked for me to check. The research was done. I didn’t even feel like I was doing a daily; I just felt like I was working as usual every day. The attorneys/paralegal were so impressed to get the transcripts so quickly. I was quick to let them know that I had an amazing team working with me. I will never again be scared when I hear the “daily copy” request. In fact, I am looking forward to it! Thank you so much to my Dream Team! There is not a more adequate name to give you all. I look forward to working with you again…hopefully very soon!

Diana Thrash, CSR; Official Court Reporter, Hidalgo County, Edinburg, Texas

I even received compliments from the attorneys

So a couple weeks ago I had to do a two-week medical trial in daily copy. It was HEAVY medical. I had the BEST group of scopists, I think on this earth, that provided me with excellent transcripts. They did a marvelous job, even towards the end of the trial when I was completely exhausted and not writing well at all. We had to work very long hours to get the trial concluded in that two-week period. I even received compliments from the attorneys on how awesome the transcripts were considering they were only expecting dirty copy. If anyone is ever in need of some awesome scopists and proofreaders, I would highly suggest Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade. I can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you for everything!

Lisa Bull Anderson; Jonesboro, Georgia

You have done all the hard part for me

Dear Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade — You are the best! I have used your services for the first time this week for a daily copy water rights trial, Monday through Thursday afternoon. You really know what you are doing! You’re organized, thorough, and type A compulsive. I am so glad I found you! I swear, I hardly feel that I worked this week. You have done all the hard part for me! This evening we went off the record at 4:50, and I delivered the rough draft at about 6:15. (That included driving home…) The final went to my office about 15 minutes later. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful adjunct business to help court reporters! I have received a number of compliments from the attorneys this week, and I give PPTB full credit! Thank you!!!!

Mary Abernathy Seal, RDR, CRR, CCR, RSA; Albuquerque, New Mexico

PPTB gets it!

PPTB gets it! They get that, when I am reporting a daily trial or depo, what I need from a team is more than a transcript that is timely, accurate, and researched. I need to know that they believe in me, as corny as that sounds. I need to know that if something goes wrong, they will not panic (at least not in front of me!); rather, they will calmly offer suggestions, help me troubleshoot, etc. What I like about working with PPTB is the general feeling that they, PPTB, are flying the plane, they’ve flown planes before, and this is how planes are flown.

Terri Beckham; Nashville, Tennessee

They had my back

I had a series of dailies recently, and without PPTB, I never could have turned them around early the next day. They were efficient, helpful, and I knew I could get these dailies done because they had my back! Imagine after a 236-page day, coming home, and an hour later, they’re done scoping and proofing. How cool is that! I highly recommend this team of professionals and cannot wait to work with them again. They made what would have been stressful days fun!

Jan Roper, CSR; Los Angeles, California