Newsworthy Cases

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Jury awards $31 million in compensatory and punitive damages to child injured in botched circumcision case.
Reported by Lisa Bull Anderson, Clayton County, Georgia.

Parties reach settlement agreement in landmark CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) case against the NCAA.
Reported by Deana Rouse, Dallas, Texas

Jury finds that David Copperfield, MGM Grand Hotel, Backstage Employment and Referral, and Team Construction are not liable for injuries sustained by a British tourist who fell  while participating in a Copperfield stage illusion in 2013
Reported by Kristy Clark, Las Vegas, Nevada

Family of Las Vegas surgeon killed in bus-bicycle collision wins $19 million verdict in products liability case against bus manufacturer.  
Reported by Kristy Clark and Kim Farkas, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Woman with ovarian cancer she asserts caused by talcum powder use wins $417 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson.
Reported by Pam Cotten and Carolyn Gregor, Los Angeles, California.

Company seeking damages from ABC in “Pink Slime” defamation claim reaches settlement five weeks in to anticipated eight-week trial.
Reported by Mary Anne Meyer, Elk Point, South Dakota.

T. Boone Pickens awarded $146 million jury verdict in contract dispute over oil well rights.
Reported by Breck Record, Pecos, Texas.

Health Diagnostics Laboratory’s former head and two others found liable for $50 million in damages under Federal Fraud Act over lab testing fee kickback scheme.
Reported by Tana Hess, Charleston, South Carolina.

Waymo and Uber reach settlement during trial over alleged theft of proprietary information.
Reported by Kathy Sullivan and Debbie Pas, San Francisco, California.

Verdict for the defense in limo fire trial where plaintiffs alleged defective design caused fire which led to death of the bride and four members of bridal party.
Reported by Gina Carbone and Lori Stokes, San Francisco, California.

Man wins $160 million verdict against Las Vegas nightclub over alleged beating by security during a night out.
Reported by Kristy Clark and Amber Riggio, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Former assistant dean of Virginia college wins $7 million verdict for defamation in “A Rape on Campus” article published in Rolling Stone.
Reported by JoRita Meyer, Christianburg, Virginia.

Former tenant claiming discrimination against her over support animal wins verdict against landlord who evicted her.
Reported by JoAnn Bacheller, Missoula, Montana.

NCR found liable for Superfund cleanup of PCBs released into Kalamazoo River.
Reported by Glenda Trexler, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Transgender professor awarded $1.1 million jury verdict in discrimination suit against Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
Reported by Sherri Grubbs, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jury awards $3 million verdict for plaintiff in suit alleging IVC filter dangerous and defective.
Reported by Maggie Techert, Indianapolis, Indiana

New Jersey politician found guilty of voter fraud.
Reported by Rhea Villanti, Newark, New Jersey

Jury finds Southwest Airlines negligent but not liable for damages in alleged wrongful death of passenger during flight.
Reported by Lori Stokes, Alameda County, California