How to create Searchmaster Indexes

Searchmaster indexes are created from ASCII text files. The method for creating the indexes depends on how the ASCIIs are generated. Below are instructions for using Eclipse-generated ASCIIs, ASCIIs generated by other CAT programs, and then instructions for how to convert PDF files to ASCII files.

From Eclipse ASCIIs:

  1. Place Eclipse ASCIIs in the ASCII folder within Searchmaster.
  2. Click the Transcripts & Indexing tab at the bottom of Searchmaster.
  3. Choose the type of index you wish to make. I usually make a Titles & Proper Nouns index and a Comprehensive index. The Comprehensive index has titles and proper nouns in it, but it’s nice to have those in a separate index also.
  4. After you click the button for the index you wish to create, a dialog window will open. To the left, you’ll notice that “ASCII” is highlighted. From the list on the right, check the files you wish to use for your index. There is also a “Select all” option at the top. Click the “Next” button at the bottom right, then again in the next dialog window.
  5. In the next dialog window, you can choose either initial caps, block caps, or both. Then click the “Next” button at the bottom.
  6. In the next window, give your index a name. I usually use the case name, but you can name it whatever you want. Then click “Next,” then “Next.”
  7. Your index has been created and will appear in the Index section of Searchmaster.

From non-Eclipse ASCIIs:

  1. ASCII files are placed in the Index Prep Phase 1 folder within Searchmaster.
  2. Click the Transcripts & Indexing tab at the bottom of Searchmaster.
  3. Click the Prepare non-CAT-generated files for indexing.
  4. You’ll notice that “Index Prep Phase 1” is highlighted in the left pane. Choose the files in the right pane that you wish to index. Then click the “Next” button.
  5. Now “Index Prep Phase 2” is highlighted. Click the “Next” button. Then OK.
  6. Your files are now ready to be indexed. Proceed to Step 3 in the “From Eclipse ASCIIs” instructions above.

Converting PDF Files to ASCII:

A PDF file can easily be converted to an ASCII format, but the steps may vary depending on what PDF viewer you use. Using Foxit, I simply choose “Save as,” choose a location (for our purpose here, choose “Index Prep Phase 2”), change the file type to .txt, and save.