Meet the Team

Perfect Partners Transcript Brigade is a highly skilled team of scopists and proofreaders helping court reporters produce top-notch daily copy transcripts through the use of Eclipse’s Connection Magic platform.

Our team members are Brenda Rogers-Fiscus, Deborah Smolinske, and Beverly Thomas (collectively known as BrenDeBev). 

Brenda Rogers-Fiscus: Brenda started her reporting career in 1987 after attending Court Reporting Institute/College of Legal Arts in Portland, Oregon. She worked until 2012 as a freelance reporter in Portland, covering a multitude of assignments ranging from simple fender-bender depositions to judicial fitness hearings and Senate field hearings for Senator Mark Hatfield. After relocating to the Midwest, she turned her hand to scoping and proofreading on Eclipse, specializing in same-day turnaround utilizing Connection Magic. In addition to having used Eclipse since the mid-’90s, she also provides Eclipse personal training and has presented Eclipse workshops and punctuation seminars at various state reporting associations.

Deborah Smolinske: Debi has over 40 years of experience producing transcripts, since the days before CAT systems, when things were done with reel-to-reel tapes and a typewriter. You name the subject matter, she has helped produce transcripts that dealt with it. In addition, Debi has 12 years of experience as a paralegal and 17 years of experience as a medical transcriptionist. A computer nerd and math/science geek. Debi has traveled extensively, visiting four continents (North America, Europe, South America, and Africa) and logging over 800,000 miles in the air. She is an accomplished travel photographer, completed two years toward a degree in electrical engineering before life took a different turn (motherhood), is a voracious reader with a huge vocabulary, and truly enjoys researching all the really arcane stuff that comes up in this field. Debi is also a certified Gregg shorthand writer (150 wpm). 

Beverly Thomas:  Beverly began scoping in 1999, teaming up with her best friend to provide quality work on a multitude of subjects. Later, as technology advanced, their client base expanded to include reporters all across the country. In 2006, Bev decided to pursue court reporting. Despite their reluctance to lose her, with the encouragement of her scoping clients, Bev enrolled in an online court reporting program. Graduating in 2010, Bev worked as a freelance court reporter for three years but then transitioned back to scoping and proofreading, the side of the court reporting profession that was her first love. To relax from the intensity of daily proofreading and scoping, Beverly enjoys riding her motorcycle, camping, baking, and running.