FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are your rates?

Our rates start at $4.50 per page ($3.00 for the scopist and $1.50 for the proofer). Jobs with more lines per page, narrower margins, extremely technical or dense matter, or the need for very heavy editing may necessitate a higher rate. We will discuss and obtain your agreement to all rates before committing to the job.

Do you do scoping/proofing work other than team dailies?

We do one thing and one thing only: team editing using Eclipse’s Connection Magic protocol. We are unable to offer our services a la carte (e.g., you only want one scopist, you only want proofing, or you want us to include your regular scopist on our team). Some of our clients do hire us to work a job as though it were a daily even though it isn’t because it suits their schedule or other needs. We handle these jobs in the same way as we handle daily jobs (and charge the same rate).

Do you work with any software other than Eclipse?

We only work with Eclipse’s Connection Magic because we believe that focusing all our skill on one software gives us greater dexterity and more in-depth knowledge.

How far in advance do I need to contact you?

The sooner the better is usually the best way; however, we understand that many times you don’t know a job will be daily until the day before or even the day of. If you’re already set up with us, you can contact us at any time, even at the last minute. If we can help you out, we’re more than happy to do so. We are unable to join jobs at the last minute if you have not previously set up with us.

Can I edit while in CM?

You’re paying us to take care of the editing so that you can stay focused on your writing. Additionally, some edits can wreak havoc with the entire file. For these reasons, we strongly advise against reporters editing during live CM jobs.

How do I get set up with you?

The process starts with a phone call which lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll cover the basics, answer all your questions, and do a little chatting to get more comfortable with each other. After that, we work with you to get our instant messaging chat set up, shared cloud folders for storage, and to arrange for a brief test session to make sure we’re as prepped as we can be before the big day.

What types of matters do you work on?

We do just about anything a court reporter reports, including multiweek trials (with pretrial and jury selection if the parties wish those reported as dailies), arbitrations, hearings, and single- or multiday depositions.